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Off-Site Backup


When a disaster strikes, whether it be a fire, burglary, or the misuse of the “delete” key, is your data backed up and recoverable? IT Decisions offers a secure off-site backup solution that can protect your critical data when the unexpected happens.

IT Decisions can customize a backup solution to meet the specific needs of any business. Our backup services include options for cloud-only backups, with no equipment purchases or local storage required. IT Decisions also offers a hybrid solution that includes local on-premise backups in addition to automated daily off-site backups. This hybrid approach provides the best of both worlds, with rapid on-site backup and restore times, and off-site data storage for complete protection in the event of a disaster.

Managed Backup Services
For complete peace of mind, we can offer our off-site backup solution as a managed service. This eliminates all upfront costs and provides a comprehensive plan that includes everything you need to keep critical data safe, including equipment, installation, monitoring, annual backup audits, and next-business-day disaster recovery. Pricing for a managed 1TB off-site backup solution starts at only $125/mo and you can trade-up to a larger capacity plan at any time.

Whether you choose to own your own equipment or are considering implementing off-site backups as a managed service, a robust business-class backup solution from IT Decisions can allow you to operate your business worry-free, knowing your data is protected. For complete information and pricing on off-site backups, please contact us!