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Johnson City: (423) 282-0802 | Harrisonburg: (540) 908-4223


Managed IT Services

The machines aren't in charge - yet!

Computers should be working for you, not against you. Let’s implement managed IT services that put you back in control of your technology!

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services are turn-key, proactive solutions for critical IT functions and processes, and are based on a preset recurring cost and predefined performance metrics.

In other words, managed IT services are a great way to accomplish some of your most important IT tasks, while knowing how the work will be done and what it will cost in advance!

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Ready to learn more about how managed IT services can benefit your organization?

Managed services from IT Decisions can save your business money!


Move away from break/fix IT support and stay ahead of costly expenditures and unexpected outages.


Choose only the managed services you need. Add, remove, or cancel services at any time.


Easily increase or decrease your IT services to align with the changing demands of your business.


Always have experts on-hand to monitor and support critical IT systems when you need them most.

Poorly supported technology is a real drag.

Choosing the right managed IT services provider can increase your bottom line and even improve employee morale!

Your team will be more productive, communicate better, and innovate more if the technology they are expected to use is working properly.

With managed services from IT Decisions, you’ll have access to technical experts that work with your staff members one-on-one and treat your business needs as their own.

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Let’s talk about managed IT services from IT Decisions!

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