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Johnson City: (423) 282-0802 | Harrisonburg: (540) 908-4223


Voice Solutions


Harrisonburg, VA Area

Are you frustrated with your voice solution? Does it cost you a small fortune every time you want to add an extension or make a simple change to your old legacy phone system? Those days are over.

IT Decisions has several different Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions to help serve you and your business. If you’re a smaller office, a hosted month-to-month service may be all you need. A hosted voice solution includes all the bells and whistles that traditional phone systems offer. What’s more? These systems are very affordable and give you the flexibility and freedom that is evident in VoIP systems.

Larger offices may benefit by having an in-house VoIP phone system. Premise based voice servers offer all the same features that hosted systems do, but are designed to economically handle the day-to-day demands a larger office requires. No more paying per phone, per user or per feature.

With several VoIP specialists on staff, IT Decisions has the know-how to help you with your voice needs. To learn more, please contact us to request a free on-site demonstration of how VoIP can benefit your business!