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Johnson City: (423) 282-0802 | Harrisonburg: (540) 908-4223


Remote Monitoring

Harrisonburg, VA Area

Remote Monitoring is a managed service offered by IT Decisions that provides the tools necessary to identify many problems before they can cause outages or put your productivity at risk. Our automated remote monitoring software receives alerts from your servers and other critical systems anytime there is a problem, allowing for the fastest possible resolution. In many cases, issues are identified and resolved before your staff members are even aware of it.

Common components that are typically monitored and reported on are:

  • Hard Drives and RAID Arrays
  • CPU, Memory and Chassis Temps
  • Redundant Power Supply Status
  • Server Room Temperature
  • Disk Space and RAM Utilization
  • Fan Availability and Rotation Speeds
  • Server Event Logs and Critical Services
  • Daily Backup System Results

You can sleep better at night knowing that everything is operating properly at the office with remote monitoring services from IT Decisions. For more information on this and other proactive services offered by IT Decisions, please contact us!