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Our Philosophy


IT Decisions offers businesses a dramatically different IT support experience. It has always been our mission to work with clients to build long-term relationships. In fact, that’s the entire secret to our success. Here’s what we mean by dramatically different…


We firmly believe that great products and services sell themselves, so we’ve chosen to operate without a sales staff. So how does IT Decisions grow without sales people? By referral! Happy customers tell their friends and colleagues about IT Decisions, and by keeping the customers we’ve earned over the years, we grow by simply picking up the phone. More opportunities might present themselves if we went looking for them, but we want to grow at a pace that allows us to maintain the commitments we’ve made to our existing customers for unprecedented quality of service and exceptional value.


We would prefer that our customers continue doing business with us out of appreciation rather than obligation. IT Decisions doesn’t require your company to enter into a long-term contract in order to get the best services or pricing. We believe we’re more accountable in a relationship that must be continuously earned, and our customers seem to agree with us on that, so we offer the majority of our services either on-demand or month-to-month.


IT Decisions is a service provider, and by “service” we mean customer service. It’s our responsibility to communicate well and meet the needs of our clients with competent people and effective solutions. Our team always works hard to get it right the first time, and we’re committed to taking responsibility for our products and services. When IT Decisions implements a solution, we make sure it works properly, and if for some reason it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing board and correct the problem.